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June 21, 2009

MSRIT Memories..

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Its been a long time since i posted anything. I wanted to write about so many things but thanks to laziness,  facebook and Gtalk, I’ve not been able to. I finally decided to write.

We have reached the climax of  our engineering life. Four years… These four years have been the most wonderful, joyous, eventful, torturous yet beautiful years of my life. I’m sure many would share the opinion.  As i sit back n feel nostalgic, multiple memories seem to come back. I can still remember the day when i was in the CET counseling centre, hoping and praying to al the lords that i get a seat in MSRIT! It seems like the bond i share with MSRIT has been very strong. I’ve lived in the area for all my life and i can  catch a glimpse of the college from my terrace!



These four years of my life cycle have been a process of “incremental development”, in terms of attitude and experience and also a process of “graceful degradation” in terms of marks, punctuality and attendance 😛  Four years.. I just think of all that i wanted to do, all that i wanted to and didn’t do, somethings that I did which i never thought i would, prejudices, opinions, change of opinions, change of my outlook to things! Its been a blend of everything. Friendship, love, life,happiness, sorrow, anxiety,confusion, apprehension,competition, envy, admiration,pure madness- there hasn’t been an emotion that i haven’t felt in these years. 🙂

Every memory I have is associated with all the wonderful people i met. I’ve been very lucky that way. I donno if this is the right way to express my feelings. But i wanted to. (Forgive me if u do not agree with the platform i’ve chosen to express what i feel). Nevertheless, I wanna thank all those people who made this phase beautiful and will always remain very close to my heart. So here i go.

(In alphabetical order 😛 )                                                                                                                                                                                             Ani- I still remember the day when she came to me, addressed me by my name and said that she knew me! She was the first person i spoke to in college. It felt so nice that there was someone who knew me and the fact that I wont be alone. I can recollect all the rigorous study sessions before internals and exams and the tuitions and the “golguppas” that followed.

Keshi- He is completely misguided, loose, wild and freaky! I’ll remember all his stupid theories but sometimes interesting philosophies. One particular line of his that i still remember is “All of us are like stars. We eventually do glow. The only question is to grow earlier and longer” 🙂

Meghu– Many many many memories associated with meghu. She’s of a totally different species!  She must be on the minus scale for her size. But she generates so much energy. Always hyperactive.She gave me the nick name of “chotsy”. I’ll remember all our dance performances,practices, our compering at the ISE farewell 2008, dumb charades, color-code days,Shru’s bday, her bday, hours together on facebook and especially all of our crazy,innovative photo sessions. My system has more pictures of you than mine 🙂

Nam- She’s a sweetheart. We never stop chatting until we really have to. I love all those times when we spoke for hours and hours together. There’s not a topic that we dont discuss! All our shopping sessions, complaining sessions and gossiping sessions and endless planning!

Nikki- He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met in real life 🙂 His extraordinary sense of humour, wit, his genuinely poor jokes and his application and usage of theories in his jokes- mind blowing! He is the inspiration for my pj skills and also my blogging interest. He’s a perfect scorp! I thoroughly enjoyed conducting the “rapid fire round” on his bday n he has also sugested a name for my talk show- “lime juice with chotsy” 😛

Prad( Miru)- He has been my constant support for the last 3 years. He’s the only one who has tolerated all my silly trivial complains and complex issues and stood by me all along. He also is an inspiration for my pj skills! He instills so much positivity  and confidence  in me and makes me realize what i truly am. I’m totally lucky to have a friend like him.

Rajath- My senior, my friend, my project guide, my cynic, my source of motivation- He’s one crazy person who trusts me more than i trust myself. He’s the person whom i can call even in the middle of the night for help– he might bug me with his stupid never ending lectures:) but he’s always and always there for me and thats what i truly love. He’s given me the license to act stupid!

Shish– He’s been with me during the most difficult phases of the journey. But the man has a split personality 🙂 there is one part of him thats completely focussed, over-dedicated, to an extent obsessed with the work he does and the other side of him thats patient, caring, fun loving and totally laid back. He has helped me in several ways and in a way has helped me understand myself better. I hope God gives him the patience to tolerate all my idiosyncrasies.  🙂

Sneha- She has seen me through all ups and downs during these four years. I have to thank for a lot of things, the list is long. All the endless hours of talking and shopping and bingeing will stay in my memories. She has been with me from the day of  CET counseling till the very last day of the final year when we bid good bye to our fav Ramaiah thatha 🙂

Soum- He’s the guy who stays on the same road as mine but is so lazy to even come out and meet us. Anyway, I’ll remember all the fun moments we had, all the gyaan he imparted to us, the dances in t trips, disc and the everyday walk back home where each day he talked of a new plan. We had even decided that we should join “balaji telefilms” for soap- opera considering his looks and my talent of spontaneous crying!!

Suchi- If anyone made me study, its her! I can never know how she can stay so dedicated and cheerful all the time! she’s been of enormous help throughout. Both my projects, all my exams, internals- she is the key to my success! When i first saw her I could not believe that someone could be so extra helpful. I should thank her for many many many reasons.

Suru- I was so sad when we both didnt get into the same college. But distance didn’t matter. She’s a true over sensitive darling  with whom I can share all my feelings, my secrets and dreams. She can be so mature and sensible and as stupid and childish as me the next moment 🙂 I’d want her to stay with me forever.

Vidya- She is silence personified!  She can stay so quiet but comes up with the most witty statements at a time when u least expect it! She  is very sweet and i remember the updates of serials that she used to give, share comments on all movies and the guys whom we found “cute” and of course the project days.

I think I ‘ve been very lucky to have so many friends. I’ll never miss MSRIT. All I’ve to do is to go to my terrace to see the place where i truly belong, to see the place that gave me so much- my friends and moments.I’ll miss all my other classmates too- chilli pilli, Bhav, veda, aks,swathi. I’ll miss the fact that I cant walk the same road everyday, see the familiar set of people and act crazy and stupid and not at all be ashamed of it and jump to my friends to pinch them for their new clothes. I think most of all we’ll miss the complaining sessions we’ve had. We’ve complained about VTU, the department, the faculty, the canteen, the food, the crowd in the photocopy shop but we’ve still lived with all of these and at the end of the day we realize how integral they were. The journey is not over yet. only a phase of it. And I know all of us to move ahead but these memories will always stay very close to my heart.


October 28, 2008

Yippie! tagged!

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Happy Deepavali to all! Thank u Nik fo tagging me. i was wondering what I’ll write about.

1.If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?

Well, initially I would deny it. Later want to kill him but as i cant do that I’ll involve in binge eating and rely on bollywood emotional,sad music hits (tanhayeeeeeeeeeee 😦 )

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

Silly one. May be Karan or Rahul bose proposing to me atop the Eiffel tower. I would not mind Leonardo either 😉

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?

Hmmmm the judges of Indian idol.They are such a pain.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

Buy Archies gift shops, Cadbury’s and Jimmy choo’s collection of foot wear and Dior’s clothes 🙂 Greedy me!!

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

Hmmm may be. lets stick to Kjo’s famous dialogue “pyaar dosti hai ” as of now 😉

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

Being loved by someone whom I love. Full duplex 😀

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?

I’ll wanna wait forever. but you never know- Dil Ka Bharosa Kaise Koi Karen

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

Hum jisse pyar kare, woh kissi aur se pyaar kare,

Kudha kare woh jisse pyaar kare, woh bhi kissi aur se pyaar kare 😀

jokes apart, I’d just “let go” 🙂

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? Your gf/bf or an actress/actor?

Acting with bf happens even in real life in some situations 😉 So it’d be with SRK for sure. Can Madhur direct it? 🙂

10. What takes you down the fastest?

Advise from people i don’t care about.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?

As uncertain about my future as today 🙂

12. What’s your fear?

Loneliness. I hate being both alone and lonely.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

Very creative and funny. Geeky to a certain extent 😉

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?

Married but also be rich 🙂

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Try to remember who I dreamt about 🙂

16. Would you give all in a relationship?

Yup. But I also expect it to be reciprocated.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

hehe its not Splitsvilla 🙂 The one who loves me more and who talks a lot n moreover listen to my crap 🙂

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?

Hmmm forgive yes. forget- never! difficult for me.

19. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?

Its great to be in a relationship. a very secure feeling.

October 26, 2008

Metaphor of life

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Remember the good old days where we used to run to the swings and the slides? I loved the swings. I used to go to one of my relatives’ house only cos their quarters had a play area with swings 🙂 Every time I sat on a swing, I had only one feeling. I should swing higher than the person on the neighboring swing! Little did I realise then that the play taught the game of life.

When we played, there were screeching voices of “higher! higher!”. My older cousins or parents used to accompany me and they helped me swing higher up in the air. But as i grew up, nobody helped me. I used to feel extremely bad that i could never go as high as my brother. He booed me. But i didn’t give up. I learnt the simple technique that I’ve to apply force. I also used to get scared that I might slip and fall.There was so much will power and determination and also the competition , the adrenalin rush and joy and laughs. I’m surprised that i also understood that its alright if I went way back, it only meant that I’d go higher up the next time. Its sad that we fail to understand all of it while living life.

Life is nothing but a swing. Initially parents help you. But later you’ve to grow, learn things on your own. Face difficulties, may be trivial or complex. You have to face competition. You must have the strong desire to go high, touch the skies and sing the song of life. At the same time, its important to realize that we might even face failures or low points in life. We should understand that we shall definitely rise higher next time and not be disappointed. But of course if we work. We ‘ve to let our heels apply the force. Swing signifies the various entities and moods in our life. It shows the fun times we ‘ve with all our friends and relatives. It shows the pleasantness and the secure feeling of swinging with a loved one.It shows our success, our desires, fears, our strong points and most of all it tells us that the actual control is in our hands. So invoke all the hidden spirits and swing high up in the air and enjoy the journey of life!

October 22, 2008

Best ride ever!

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My friends Nam, Sne and I were so excited to go to the freshers’ party held in Amnesia( I know the name suggests a lot 🙂 ) Initially we felt we were over dressed. But once we reached the venue, we felt so out of place. people were dressed like it was some pg3 party! The music was mind blowing and we did spot a few “pappus ” 🙂 We were so energetic and in such high spirits. Music and dance can really help us unwind to such a great extent. It was a good experience but the best part of the day was the ride back home. It took us 15 minutes to hire an auto on the busy Residency road.

It was  getting late and were glad that the auto driver agreed.  But we weren’t aware of what lay ahead 🙂 The  driver was trying to exhibit all his skills. He showed us that he could drive sitting in a slant position 🙂 He even was trying to impress us with the many features of his auto! The four of us were very hungry and were eating a sandwich and may be heard us mentioning about dance and remixes. He initially played some very loud song which scared us and alarmed all the others waiting at the signal 😉 after we asked him to switch it off, he switched to hip hop music! After a while we felt that we were in a mobile disc. So we requested him to lower the volume. Later he exhibited the multi coloured lights of his auto. It gave us a feeling that we had just shifted from a disc to some dance bar ! 🙂 Soum asked “woh light kisliye bayya? usse bandh karo ” and thankfully he agreed. Again we got to see him drive in different positions and once we felt our auto would smashed between two cars. But the guy seemed so normal about it. To add to it, he even sported a flashy jacket with some eagle on it 🙂 Finally we reached home after 45 minutes of drive that could have landed all of us in heaven. We gals were still giggling and when we  paid him he showed us another feature of his auto! A fluorescent blue light which ‘ll be used in sad horror movies to show that there’s evil around or the villain is approaching 🙂 He even calculated the fare wrong. ( we were supposed to pay 1n half ). But never mind, we didn’t wanna argue with him.(or may be he charged extra for the display of his skills 😉  ) Though we cursed him during the drive, if we think of it now, I feel its been the most entertaining auto ride ever!

October 17, 2008

Tell me your Dreams

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Sleep is a part of everyone’s lives. and so are dreams. Who doesnt like to sleep ? 🙂 who doesnt like to dream? (day dream). Every single person dreams. Even blind people do. And most of us day dream while attending a lecture, while travelling or even at work :-)Leave aside day dreaming. Its a conscious thing that all of us involve in. What about the dreams we get during sleep? why do we get them? How come some of them are nightmares? How come some show us having a good time with friends?

Most of us don’t realize the importance of these dreams. We just say to ourselves that “oh.what a nightmare!” or “that was a pleasant dream”. Dreams tell us so much about ourselves, things which we ourselves would not know or would have never bothered to know. Dreams help you know your deepest fears, your feelings about someone or about yourself, all your secret hidden desires and can show you a different personality of your own self! Dreams may warn you of an upcoming situation or a solution to your problem. Many scientists claim that they get solutions to a problem, on which they were contemplating for long ,in a flash while asleep. A woman said that she had recurring dreams of her husband cheating on her and she had a feeling that knew that woman well. A week later she found out it was her close friend. I had a personal experience a few months ago where i constantly kept dreaming that i hated a friend of mine and that I’d several fights with her. I wondered why I was getting such dreams. Only a few days later, I got to know of her betrayal. I still don’t know how my sub conscious had known it much before.

Dreams do express a lot. We do see various colors, animals and our friends and relatives and at times even strangers in our dreams. i would not say all but most of it do have a significance. All of us would have experienced dreams about most of the day’s activities or about people whom we interacted most with, on that particular day. We even get exam dreams which usually shows our anxiety and the stress during exams.

People can tell you a lot of things about you. You have different takes on people and even their views. But none of it tells you that much detail as what your dreams do. Thats cos dreams are your subconscious voice.We just have to listen carefully and attentively to what they are trying to tell us. Some usually maintain a notepad to write down what they dream about and later interpret it :-)I do not have the patience to do that . :-)But as soon as we get up, I think we all should spend a few minutes thinking of what we dreamed.If we try we can definitely recollect our dreams and most of all we should truly want to remember our dreams as they will definitely help us know more about our true, deep feelings and fears and frustrations and insecurities and never felt desires. So stay awake even while asleep and dare to dream 🙂

click here to know about how to interpret the feelings and colors seen in dreams.

October 4, 2008

So when do u know its love? :-)

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If you have it[love], you don’t need to have anything else, and if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have.
—Sir James M. Barrie
Everyone of us talks about it, want it the most and feel it at times. Everyone loves to be loved. Especially when its from someone special 🙂 Its one of the most powerful emotions all of us are blessed with. Not only do most of our bollywood movies but most of our lives revolve around it. But how does one exactly know tat he/she is in love??
Recently I watched “jaane tu..ya jaane na “. The movie had only one single point. Two extremely close pals who cared the most for each other realised that they actually love each other only when they see the other in someone else’s arms. Even in KJo’s kkhh, Anjali(kajol) realises her love for Rahul(SRK!!!) when Tina(rani) steps in. Jealousy might not always be the key to realisation of love.
Some people believe in “silent love”. They have feelings for a person and the other person might not even be slightly aware of the situation. Some are of the opinion that “its not really love if you dont express it”. But I do not agree with that. If all the feelings are genuine, it will eventually surface. In some cases, its pure obsession. I agree possessiveness is essential but there is a very fragile line between love and obsession.(ex- tamil movie kadhal kandaen where the other person is actually scared n choked rather than feeling loved). Most times people make a transition from close friendship to love. they already know each other well and are comfortable in each other’s company and I feel that’s a secure transition. The most unpredictable of the relations are those that start off with attraction or admiration.
Movies come with up heavy “romantic ” dialogues and loads of crap year after year( must admit some of them are well made though :-)) but still confusion over feelings always prevails. Especially when ‘age’ is also a factor. people always say that teenagers or adoloscents dont really know what “love ” is. I am of the opinion that love has no age. you cant say feelings should arise only when a person is above 23! that doesnt mean i support all the lame 13 yr olds who claim to be “in love”.
However, I feel that late teenage or early adloscence can be the perfect phase to be in “first love” 😉 Love can bring about such fascinating positive changes in a person during such a phase. The thought of someone caring so much for you is wonderful.Everyone perceives it differently though. Every morning when u get up with the thought that the presence of a person in your life makes it so special, when you face the mirror and feel that u’ve to look your best for yourself and in the eyes of that someone, when you have a beeming smile on your face and twinkle in your eye , when you wait for that person’s phone call and when you sleep with the comfort that to someone you mean a lot and that person means the world to you, its like you are in fairy land! And life is at its best! Of course the road is rough and there can be heartbreaks and tears but every moment of it ‘ll be worth it. Not only cos of the precious moments but also cos of the wonderful journey and cos of the transformations it has brought in you. The foll clip is from the movie “little manhattan” where a ten year old boy realises his first love and also learns from it:-)
So all of you, ‘ll ‘ve to realise in your own ways that you love someone or that someone loves you. And for those of you who aren’t in love, U’ll find a special person soon or look around.. may be you’ve never noticed someone 🙂 and if you are in a heartbreak phase, just cherish all the precious moments you had and just wait for love to sweep you off your feet again:-) And that’s cos—–
Everybody loves somebody sometime
Everybody falls in love somehow
Something in your kiss just told me
My sometime is now
Everybody finds somebody someplace
There’s no telling where love may appear
Something in my heart keeps sayin’
My someplace is here

If I had it in my power
I’d arrange for every girl to have your charms
Then every minute, every hour
Every boy would find what I found in your arms

Everybody loves somebody sometime
And although my dream was overdue
Your love made it well worth waiting
For someone like you

If I had it in my power
I would arrange for every girl to have your charms
Then every minute, every hour
Every boy would find what I found in your arms

Everybody loves somebody sometime
And although my dream was overdue
Your love made it well worth waiting
For someone like you.

September 30, 2008

Smiles all the way..

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We do not remember days; we remember moments.  ~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand


  Life doesn’t give us too many special moments. and when it does, we should grab each such precious moment and be happy and thankful for it and always cherish it. I didnt like the final year when it started. Everybody could just talk about projects and GRE and CAT. Everyone seemed so different. To add to the joy, the teachers were so extremely partial and annoying.(they still are:-)).But I’m so glad that I’m gathering moments of fun and happiness.

It was shru’s b’day yesterday but we celebrated it today. I’m totally in awe of megs. She’d come up with the best gifts and most creative of ideas. It was a huge gift, which was a collage of pictures and special b’day msgs, neatly framed and then smaller gift of a shawl and a basket full of tiny li’l gifts. So adorable. And she’d also got “happy birthday” hats and masks .Kiddish but sweet. We danced to songs varying from early 90’s “hawa hawai” to the latest “pappu cant dance”. 🙂 How can i forget the cake!

                                                    Birthday cake                              

The next session was the best! so many missed it.. We mimiced almost every single specimen of the class and every weird and not weird teacher(hardly any like tat ;-)) We ourselves didnt know that we observe our friends so much and also that each of tham has their own set of characteristics and actions and dialogues :-)It was one of the best days of the past 2 months. As i walked back home i realised that i know about people and how they react to situations and also vice versa.

  Later in the evening a few of us went to see plays. A couple of them were good and I donno why the other plays were chosen 🙂 they were boring. But the company was great. I always used to tell Prad,a friend of mine, that we’d never get to see any show together cos either of us ‘ll be on stage. 🙂 Finally we got to pass comments on every single aspect. I love such comment passing sessions ;- )  After which all of us took a set of totally wacky pictures. All of them are so hung upon “rock on!”, I donno why. (yet to catch the movie ).

I’ll treasure all those silly, insane , crazy moments. We should actually be proud that we can be silly and childish and not be embarrassed about it 🙂 Finally, final year seems to have a few shades of the hyped descriptions of “FINAL YEAR”. Hope it gains greater momentum..

November 9, 2008


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Fashion was one of the most awaited releases of the year. For all the hype surrounding it, the controversies and the censor-board verdict! I’ve been a fan of all of Madhur Bhandarkar’s previous movies. The promos looked impressive. I was waiting to watch it. It turns out to be pretty good. Worth the wait.Not worth the “reality” tag.

Fashion Gallery

It’s undoubtedly Priyanka chopra ‘s best performance till date. Especially after watching the torturing “love story 2050” (where you wish you never live till then), her performance is more than a surprise. Its unbelievable!She portrays the role of a young small town gal who has dreams and determination of making it in the big-bad industry. Her rise from a struggling model who is reluctant to do a lingerie ad to that a super model, show-stopper giving up all her relations, friends, throwing tantrums to an overnight fall into a bottomless pit where she cannot recognize her former self,has lost complete faith in her abilities to the phoenix like rise to the status of a show-stopper again has been wonderfully directed.

Personally, I feel that it was Kangana Ranaut who is the show stopper of the movie. Her ramp walks are no less than that of a true super model, leaving you mesmerized. She is so confident, aware that no one can take eyes off her.Though her sudden split-persona off the ramp of being a drug addict,lonely desperate soul is very disturbing. Its true. It is the biggest launch of her career. She must be greatly appreciated for the wardrobe malfunction scene which she carried off with the same dignity as carol gracias! I cant imagine anyone else in that role. She must improve on her accent though 🙂

Fashion Gallery

Mugdha godse is the breath of fresh air in the movie. She doesnt share much screen space. But is very confident for a new-comer. She ends up in a safe, compromising marriage to a close buddy who happens to be a gay designer( Samir Soni) who also exhibits his talent thoroughly.

The music has a haunting feel to it.My personal favorite being “mar jaawa“. The ramp walks and the fashion shows are impeccable. The dialogues are well written, the delivery is sharp. Check out the dialogue where kitu gidwani asks Priyanka “model banne ayiho?” and her reply is “Nahi… SUPERMODEL!“.

The only complaints against the movie would be that Arbaaz doesn’t deserve to play the role of a powerful, rich,Big-daddy of the fashion world. He’s so thanda 🙂 The second half is tooooo long! N MB does throw light on the dirty side of the ultra-glam hyped world but you cant generalize. just like pg-3.

But its definitely worth a watch. Guys can check out the “babes” and gals have to check out the clothes on ramp.Very fashionable but also skimpy 😉  My rating would be 3.5/5 🙂

p.s Karan has done a cameo in the movie 🙂

September 28, 2008

Shivers down your spine..

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  It was an extremely happy day. I was so full of energy and excited after i took a very silly yet funny “chinese horoscope” test:) I made all my friends take it too who blushed and giggled at the answers that they wrote. Later I was chatting for hours with 2 of my friends and I was surprised cos my friend was telling where we could buy “cute” tops.( surprised cos it was a guy but it was sweet though). Later I was involved in more gossip with a school friend. I thought the day was so pleasant while watching an MTV spoof  and as i scrolled through the channels  I saw the news flash  on all the umpteen news channels- “ Blasts in Delhi- 2 dead“. The pleasant moments of the day had ended. the first thing that occured to my mind was-‘ again???’


     I was just silent for some time but i must admit it did not affect me as much as the previous blasts did. It is such a sad situation that we’ve got used to news of bomb blasts. I donno what the people in Kashmir undergo everyday. But the news did take me back to that state of helplessness i felt 2 weeks ago, sep 13th, when Delhi was attacked and 24 were dead and more than a hundred injured. I was furious and even more frustrated about the fact that i could do nothing about it. All I did was pray that the critically injured dont lose their lives. The thought that you go to the market on a saturday evening, may be to buy vegetables and never return back is more than nerve wracking.


I know it cos I’ve experienced the situation. It was July 25th.My friend and I decided to go shopping despite the cloudy gloomy weather. We felt so glad and thought we ‘d a good start as we bought shirts at really affordable prices in t adidas sale. We talked about the good old times and also were updating each other about the “recent events” in our lives over delicious food. We still had a list of items to buy when my friend’s dad called from bombay. He asked both of us to leave immediately and reach our places as there were blasts in madivala. At first, i didnt buy it. Later i convinced my friend that madivala was far from where we were( v were on commercial street). She agreed and as she admired a pair of pretty silver gray sandals, both of us started getting calls from friends. Everyone gave their own versiopn of the blast count in the city. To add to that the shopkeepers had their version of rumours. We decided to leave immediately leaving the sandals behind. We ran to the nearest auto and thankfully he agreed.The blast count had reached 6 by then. I got a msg saying that there was a blast in Shivajinagar which is a stone’s throw from commercial street and also on the vittal mallya road. To add to the situation the auto driver kept explaining as to how he was on vittal mallya road a few mins before that. the situation worsened when the network got jammed. All our friends and relatives msged but we could not reply back. That was the worst auto ride back ever. My friend and I were supporting each other and we hugged a million times and were constantly praying. We were terrified and literally had our hearts in our mouth thinking that a bomb could explode just beside us. The signals were the worst. I wished they never came. I just wanted to keep moving. Also, I didnt want to hear more news from the bikers who had a conversation with our auto driver.there were students loitering around on the streets and people entering movie theatres. I wanted to shout out to them and ask them to run to their houses. I had to take a different auto and its worse when you dont have anyone beside you. I constantly tried to call my friends inspite of the ‘network busy’ msg.

    I finally reached home and so did my friend.I got to know that my friend megs was on M.G. road and she hadn’t reached home yet and a friend of mine was so worried that he could not even contact her. Nor was there any way to contact my mom. I just waited at the door step until mom arrived. Later my friend informed me that megs too had reached.

After the blasts, I didnt go out for a week. The terror didnt seem to stop with bangalore. It spread to Ahmedabad and later to Delhi. I cannot understand how and why innocent people are killed cos of someone else’s ulterior motives.

I do not agree with Bush’s views on many instances. But this quote of his is true.

We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them.

GEORGE W. BUSH, speech, Dec. 18, 2005

The news of blasts has become so common now that we feel sad for some time and then the next morning we move on. The feeling of being so helpless is choking but its sad that we do nothing about it and in fact i donno what we can do than blame the police and the government and curse the terrorists. Its a pathetic situation to feel so unsafe in our own country and our own fav streets 😦

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